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For most people, staying at home means sleeping all day or binge watching all of your favorite shows. In Park McKinley West, it’s a different story. Without going too far, you can achieve a lot of your personal goals, be productive, and have fun all at the same time. This condominium development has an impressive range of amenities that is exclusive for its residents’ use anytime they want to.

First and foremost, you’ll be treated with the use of a swimming pool facility here. You’ll definitely appreciate the presence of an infinity pool to help you relax when the sun gets too hot. There is also a lap pool if you want to work out and a kiddie pool for your children. All of these pools are safe to use and are designed for your convenience.
Staying in shape isn’t difficult when you live in Park McKinley West. You’ll have a chance to spend your time working out in this condominium development’s fitness gym. This amenity contains all of the necessary fitness equipment and machines to help you have the body you’ve always wanted. Plus, you can also use a yoga room if that’s your fitness preference. There’s a biking and jogging path if you want to work out in an open area as well. No matter what method you choose, you’ll have an opportunity to have a healthier lifestyle here.

Taking some time out to escape all of your worries is doable in Park McKinley West. This place has several amenities that provide all the peace and quiet you want. Just head on over to one of the many landscaped gardens, a deck with seating alcove, or a Skygarden with an eco-friendly roof deck here. Take a book along with you or the company of a loved one and you’re bound to have a day free of stress.

Your safety is a priority when you make Park McKinley West your home. The condominium development offers reliable security for your family and belongings 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Common areas are littered with CCTV cameras to monitor all activity and prevent any risk from becoming a danger to you. As a result, you can sleep better at night and have more peace of mind when you leave home.

Having the lifestyle you want always begins at home. If your residence complements your daily routine, and even enhances it, it’s a place you should never let go. Park McKinley West offers this chance to you, thanks to its incredible amenities. With the help of these amenities, you and your loved ones will never find a reason to leave your home here.

  • Swimming pools
  • Sky Gardens and "green environment" roof deck
  • Gym and yoga room
  • Game room
  • Amenity deck with seating alcove
  • Grand ballroom
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